blood glucose normal range

Do you want to maintain a blood glucose normal range? Would you like to prevent being diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes? What you need to do then is to read the information and tips below to help you maintain your blood sugar level. Following these guides is a way to primarily help you avoid being diabetic.


Glucose is obviously a sugar that flows in the bloodstream of humans. This type of sugar is absorbed in the body through some foods that we eat. It is mainly found in carbohydrate foods. Therefore, if you eat lots of carbohydrate foods, you tend to collect more sugar in your body. If consuming more carbohydrate foods has been a regular routine to you, then you must stop it as soon as possible. You need to avoid too many carbohydrates to maintain your blood sugar level. Controlling on what you eat especially when it comes to carbohydrate foods or any foods high in glucose is what you must remember to do always.

It is easy to maintain one’s blood sugar level. You can regulate the levels of your blood glucose in many ways. First, using insulin hormone and glucagons will help you maintain and regulate your blood sugar level. Both of these hormones are produced by your pancreas. Secondly, you need to eat the right kinds of food. What you need to include in your daily meal should be healthy foods. Try to avoid consuming carbohydrate foods to prevent diabetes. Regular exercise can also help you stay away from diabetes. Doing all of these is a great assistance toward achieving a blood glucose normal range.

A blood sugar level of more than 150mg/dL is considered a high blood glucose level. Whoever reaches this range is already hyperglycemic. However, if a person has too low levels of blood sugar, he is hypoglycemic. This means that too high and too low levels of blood glucose are not normal. You need to maintain a normal level of blood sugar in your body. Otherwise, you will have an unhealthy condition that makes you feel uncomfortable and physically suffer. Maintaining a blood glucose normal range should be your goal every day.


Knowing the blood glucose normal range is essential so you can help yourself regulate your blood sugar level. This is the first method of preventing diabetes. Applying all the tips and advice given on this page would give you the right way to regulate your blood sugar level and to maintain a healthy life.