Glucose Normal Range

Every person needs to maintain his glucose normal range. Otherwise, he will suffer having diabetes. High blood glucose can be a scary thing. Mainline medicine holds the conviction that you can take control and bring down glucose naturally. Avoiding diabetes is easily achieved if you have determination and discipline.


A diabetic person is always worried about the blood sugar levels in his body. Though there are standard measures of normal range blood sugar levels, they are not the same in people. The range varies depending on the consumed foods. The food choices, portion size, and the number of servings contribute to maintain a normal range blood sugar in the blood stream. Knowing what you put into your body can help you regulate your blood sugar level.

For a person who has not yet been diagnosed with diabetes, the blood sugar levels should be between 70 mg/dL and 110mg/dL. The individual has fair chance to have diabetes if his blood sugar levels range between 110 mg/dL and 130 mg/dL. Maintaining your blood glucose normal range of 70 mg/dL to 110mg/dL is your chance to avoid diabetes.

If a person has the blood sugar level at 120 after a fasting for about 8 hours he is not yet diabetic. He is in a pre diabetic condition. This mediatory sugar level in the blood stream is a warning to the person that he is likely to become diabetic. This pre diabetic stage is usually known as impaired glucose tolerance or impaired fasting glucose. Finding a way to cure pre diabetes helps you lose the chance of being diabetic.

If a person is diagnosed with pre diabetes he is safer than others who are diagnosed with diabetes. He is not a victim of diabetes but has the risk of diabetes attack. Pre diabetes is a warning to anyone that he is having high blood sugar level. A pre diabetic person has pretty chance to start safety measures to prevent diabetes by reversing his present condition.


Start achieving for a glucose normal range once you detect that you have pre diabetes. Get immediate medication to reduce the risk of getting diabetes. You can consult a doctor and discuss about your body condition to get a treatment plan and prevent diabetes. Other than the medication prescribed by your doctor, you also need to do some healthy routines. Preventing diabetes involves various measures and healthy routines which you need to do.